Sustainable Bus

Sustainable Bus

Published on August 11, 2022

Earlier in the year, students at the Derby High School Bury presented at a Friends of The Derby meeting. They talked about their ambitious project to turn a decommissioned Transport for Greater Manchester bus into a sustainable student leadership hub.

Their vision for the hub: a carbon-neutral classroom space. This student-led space will enable students to plan and deliver environmental workshops for their peers and local primary schools. It will become their student leadership headquarters and home to the student newspaper, radio and podcast station.

The students’ Changemaker story captivated DYSE. We met and discussed the students’ plans. Together along with our friends at Grange and C.Foster Electrical, we felt that the students’ project deserved our support.

After 6 months of planning and installation we are proud to announce that the carbon-neutral Bus is now officially open and will welcome students in the next academic year and beyond.

Last month, the students presented their project to hundreds of visitors at the Manchester Museum of Science and Industry. They have also presented their work to Mayor Andy Burnham at The Great Science Share at The Manchester University.

We can also delighted that the school have won a BBC Regenerators Hall of Fame award for Best Secondary School Climate Champions in the UK. Look out for team on your screens in September.