Inspections, Assessments and Surveys

Inspections, Assessments and Surveys

Maintaining the built environment is a vital part of structural engineering, whether it is part of a regime of assessing existing bridges and structures in their current condition or if it is to inform change of use or loading.

Existing Structures

Our team is experienced in undertaking highway and railway bridge inspections for asset owners throughout the UK. Our structural surveys allow our clients and collaborators to establish the condition of their building structures and identify defects that need repair or strengthening. Our structural surveys are often undertaken during property purchases, or prior to change of use or major refurbishment.

Our key service offerings include:

  • Specific defect inspections.
  • General structural inspections.
  • Load appraisals of existing buildings with consideration for change of use.
  • DMRB General / Principal bridge inspections.
  • NR Detailed / Visual bridge inspections.
  • Bridge inspections for assessment.
  • Dilapidation surveys.
  • Intrusive investigation surveys and testing.
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