The DYSE Approach

We are highly skilled engineers passionate about finding smart ways tackle the challenges of today to secure a better tomorrow. Our commitment to this is led from the top with dedicated roles from our team at all levels. We track our progress, set new targets and hold ourselves accountable.


We are not your average engineering practice

We work with people we like who think carefully about the impact of their work. We are always available for a thoughtful conversation.

Our team is led by Chartered Engineers. We choose our team members carefully. We enjoy our work and have built a team of engineers passionate about engineering. We bring a diversity of knowledge and a breadth of expertise to a small practice

Our affiliations and contribution to professional bodies is important to us and enables us to share and gain knowledge.

We take study trips, work flexibly and socialize with our team and our collaborators to stay connected and encourage creative thinking.



The way we work. The way we think. The way we present. The solutions we derive. Creativity is at the heart of our culture.

Always asking why. Always challenging. Always seeking a better solution. We are curious about the world around us.

Sharing knowledge. Sharing with our collaborators. Sharing with our peers. Sharing with the next generation. We continuously learn and share as we go.

Building Information Management (BIM)

Since our formation we have embraced technology and innovation. We are at the forefront of Building Information Management (BIM) and work almost entirely with 3D models at detailed design stage across our designs. Our 3D modelling enables our team to utilise the models in an integrated way to undertake analysis and design with the latest software packages.



The majority of our projects are undertaken to BIM Level 2. Utilising BIM enables us to provide designs that coordinate well with other specialists and enables us to better consider phasing of construction works. Working within a 3D environment allows us to provide real-time project visualisations, augmented reality and virtual reality.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our drawings, be it output from our BIM models or our hand drawn sketches. We enjoy sketching and encourage all our team to develop an ability to confidently communicate in sketches. We believe this provides a creative way to readily explore engineering solutions and aids collaboration, especially when working with Architects.


We are highly skilled engineers passionate about finding smart ways tackle the challenges of today to secure a better tomorrow. Our commitment to this is led from the top with dedicated roles from our team at all levels. We track our progress, set new targets and hold ourselves accountable.



As a relatively young, but experienced, team of professionals, the threats of climate and biodiversity emergency to our current and future generations shapes our philosophy.

We have an eagerness to learn new ways to reduce the whole life impact of the projects. We undertake technical environmental reviews on our projects to ensure our designs and specifications are sustainable, whether this is in repurposing and extending the life of existing constructions or in ensuring that new builds are durable and maintainable. We have developed in house tools which enable us to measure embodied carbon within our projects so we can develop our knowledge and ability in designing low carbon structures.

On an operation level, we continuously find ways to improve our performance in the way we do business. We have established ourselves as cloud based and we embrace remote working and digital methods. We operate an effectively paperless office and our policy only allows for electric vehicles.
We are one of a select few engineering consultants who have signed up to the UK Structural Engineers Declare.


Economic and Social

We aim to be an employer of choice. Providing an engaging career through the varied services we offer whilst providing a supportive, collaborative environment which means we have an incredibly high employee retention rate. We have built a culture of continuous learning within a supportive environment, and we provide both technical and financial support for all our team members to reach professional qualification. We have a generous employee benefits package including flexible working, private healthcare, and an array of health and wellbeing benefits. We are committed to paying the living wage no matter what role someone has within our team.

Each summer we offer a student an internship opportunity, to provide on the job experience to prospective graduate engineers. We have a formal Graduate Development Programme, and an Apprenticeship Development Programme which is supported by Leeds College of Building.
We aim to be a sustainable business, and we plan our growth and monitor our performance closely. A proportion of our profits are reinvested into the business each year to allow us to continue our growth and ensure we are at the forefront of technology.

High quality from start to finish

Our desire is to produce imaginative, collaborative and sustainable structural engineering solutions


Quality Procedures

The aim of our Quality Procedure is to ensure that all information that DYSE produce is to a high level of quality with regards to concept, completeness, presentation and accuracy.

We operate an internal Quality Management System (QMS) which meets the requirements of BS EN ISO 9001:2015. Our QMS is regularly reviewed and continually maintained and improved to better the quality of our work.

Providing Opportunities

Our people from Directors through to our graduates promote engineering to young people through our extensive professional affiliations. Many of our team are STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) ambassadors and spend time supporting education and career events. We offer well paid internships for prospective engineering students considering a career in engineering.

We actively provide opportunities for people without an engineering background to join our team adding to our diversity of thought. We are supporting these team members with further education and on the job learning to achieve professional qualification.


Supporting Local Communities

We are committed to using our position as an established business to support our local community and other worthy causes. Each year we undertake ‘pro-bono’ work to utilise our skills and expertise to help local charities and other worthy causes. Our team contribute to the local community through volunteering. We regularly support industry events through sponsorships.

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