A picture says 1000 words! Our recent sketching workshop

11th Feb 2018

As a design led, collaborative engineering practice, we use sketches to convey ideas during the design process. Our regular collaborators and clients know us for our colourful, if not sometimes rough sketches. We believe that sketching allows us to really get to understand a problem and come up with the best structural solution. We encourage sketching at the early stages of a project when concepts are being found, and during the development of a project to work through tricky details. As engineers we aren’t formally trained in drawing unlike the Architects we frequently collaborate with, so issuing a hand drawn sketch can be somewhat daunting at first. We were delighted to be recently asked to host a sketching workshop for the young members of the Lancashire and Cheshire Regional Group. The sketching workshop, on the back of a previously successfully delivered workshop, was presented by DYSE director Jonny Yusuf and help at Arup’s Manchester office. Over twenty attendees participated in hands on sketching exercises as Jonny went through his sketching process in a workshop focused on releasing those sketching inhibitions!